I woke up with a stiffy today. No, not that kind ya pervs, a stiff neck. There is one muscle to blame for this intense pain called the lavatory scapula. It runs up the back and side of your neck and a stiff neck is the shortening of this muscle.


I read that a stiff neck can be caused by many things such as cool air hitting the neck (late night bike ride), not enough pillow support (I sleep with a flat pillow), sitting in a chair where the arm rests are too high (check), and last but not least, stress.

My stress level was higher than average last night while trying to decide if I should head to Vegas at 3 AM for the Magic trade show with Azuki. Keep in mind I got invited at midnight. As much fun as I had last year, I should have gone. I am trying to focus more on school and work... to keep my priorities straight. The sad thing is I missed 2 out of my 3 classes today because I overslept. The day wasn't a total bummer. I went to my last class, then a nice 2 hour walk on the Las Gatos trail. It was nice to enjoy the great weather and the good company was a huge plus.

I'm sitting here doped up on pain reliever with a heat pad, but neither of the two seem to be working. Maybe I should grab a glass of wine or three and call it a night.

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