There are a million things I need to do to the wagon to get it where I want it. Until my wallet allows, I'll envy the owner of this S4.

Inspiration 2
Inspiration 3
Inspiration 4



I see that you see this... I think.

Big In The UK?

Who are you? How did you all come across my page in the last 5 days? Let me know, or don't. It's all fine by me.
Just somewhat curious.




Can we start over?



It was hard getting back into the swing of things today. Especially since last week I only went to one class. After my three today I headed to iMiNUSD where Mark was standing with the highly anticipated Gorilla Kilroy frame.

Gorilla Killroy

Can't you just see the excitement on his face. Okay, maybe not at this very moment, or the one where he discovered 2 of the 4 frames had minor dings that occurred in shipping, but all for were sold in under 2 hours. The Kilroy is one hellofa tarck frame.
If you don't know, just ask Nhan.

Nhan's Kilroy

His was done asap, and looking right.

I wanted to also take a second out to say thanks to a dear friend of mine. I was in a tight situation earlier, and despite my pride I took your assistance. For that I am truly grateful.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday, but if not, you still have the rest of the week.



I said goodbye to the Chrysler today in exchange for a new toy.


She is fire red, all-wheel drive, and turbo. Just the perfect combination. I'll post some more pictures as I begin to mod her.


2000 Audi RS4 Avant
2000 Audi RS4 Avant


1, 2, 3... BIKE POLO!

Today marked the 3rd week of SJ Fixed Bike Polo. It was a huge hit right from the start. So much so that it made the front page of the Spartan Daily today. Myself and a few others were interviewed and featured in the article, and JP is pictured tearing it up for the TAS Force Demolition Team.

Bike Polo

If you didn't get a chance to read it, peep the online article here.


I woke up with a stiffy today. No, not that kind ya pervs, a stiff neck. There is one muscle to blame for this intense pain called the lavatory scapula. It runs up the back and side of your neck and a stiff neck is the shortening of this muscle.


I read that a stiff neck can be caused by many things such as cool air hitting the neck (late night bike ride), not enough pillow support (I sleep with a flat pillow), sitting in a chair where the arm rests are too high (check), and last but not least, stress.

My stress level was higher than average last night while trying to decide if I should head to Vegas at 3 AM for the Magic trade show with Azuki. Keep in mind I got invited at midnight. As much fun as I had last year, I should have gone. I am trying to focus more on school and work... to keep my priorities straight. The sad thing is I missed 2 out of my 3 classes today because I overslept. The day wasn't a total bummer. I went to my last class, then a nice 2 hour walk on the Las Gatos trail. It was nice to enjoy the great weather and the good company was a huge plus.

I'm sitting here doped up on pain reliever with a heat pad, but neither of the two seem to be working. Maybe I should grab a glass of wine or three and call it a night.


Hyroi 6



Marina Lambrini Diamandis, better known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer-songwriter. She rose to fame after reaching number two on the BBC Sound of 2010 poll list, coming second to Ellie Goulding, who I also fancy. I can't stop watching this.

Keep an eye out for her in 2010.



It's been some hellofa past few days. I'll try and sum it up to the best of my memory.

The usual, work then Sabor.

I worked a few hours then headed to 300 for some bowling. Not only were we there to bowl, but also to celebrate Jen's Birthday. Sake, Henn, Svedca, and good company made for one wild game. Too bad I was too into it to snap any action shots.

2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-2
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-4

After the game we headed back to my place for a little after party.

2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-6
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-7
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-8
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-9
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-5

I awoke to a sardine like bed, said my goodbyes then went right back to sleep. I woke again at 12:11. The First Date race starts in just 49 minutes, and I am nowhere near ready. I put on the bibs and jersey, brush my teeth, chug a water, load the Cramerotti, and head downtown. I made it with a few minutes to spare. Just enough time to stretch and renegade a beer.

The First Date Alleycat
The First Date Alleycat 2
The First Date Alleycat 3
The First Date Alleycat 4

The race was about 27 miles with 5 checkpoints:
4th St. Bowl (4th & Gish)
Frozo's Frozen Yogurt (Lafayette & Franklin)
Century 21 Theater (Winchester near Santana Row)
Orchard Valley Coffee (dt campbell)
The Boiling Crab (Capital Exp. & Silver Creek)

I rode with Darin, Rex, Bill Tran, Greg, and Jim for most the race. Darin and I joined Team Out Of Shape, and I'm pretty sure I was the only member of Team I'm Still Drunk. If you couldn't figure it out already, I had a hard hour and thirty six minutes.

Towards the end of the race we decided to slow pace it. The funny thing is finishing 10th and 11th, myself and Darin were only 3 minutes behind Tim who finished 1st.

The First Date Alleycat 5

Congrats again on the win Tim. A huge thanks to Kevin, Mark, and everyone else who help make this a great alleycat.

A few hours at work, then John, JP, Jason and myself headed to Voodoo for Jason's B-Day. Sam outdid herself again by quenching our thirst all night long.

2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-10
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-11

Work was fun even though it is Valentine's Day. Helping girls pick out a scent for their husbands, boyfriends, and ex-boyfriends was quite entertaining. I spent this year without a Valentine. I'm not huge on the Hallmark holiday anyways. Why is there a set day of the year to say I love you or do something sweet for the ones you love? Bitter much? Ugh...maybe. Thankfully for me, John and JP were free tonight. We had a Taco Bell and Tecate dinner and now I'm sitting here blogging while watching Entourage. Quote of the night from the show, "it's not cheating if you don't fall in love with them. So don't fall in love with me."




I'm really feeling this one. So much that I want your ears to experience the same pleasure as mine.

1. Intro: Fnish The Quartet
2. You Need (Clipse, Led Zeppelin)
3. Darwin Deez – Bad Day (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
4. Testify (Radiohead, Kanye West)
5. Chiddy Bang – Pro’s Freestyle 1.0 (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
6. The Answering Machine
7. Stuntin’ Like Atari (Theodore Grams, Lil Wayne)
8. Chiddy Bang – Fresh Like Us (ft. Theordore Grams)
9. Marvin Gaye – Heart It Through The Grapevine
10. Theodore Grams – Another Day
11. Swimming In The Sky (Passion Pit, B.I.G., Beyonce)
12. Theo’s Apple Juice Break
13. I Wanna Know Now (Bob Marley, MGMT)
14. Darwin Deez – Radar Detectr (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
15. Marva Whitney – Unwind Yourself: The Interlude
16. Money
17. Bmore SoulClash Mini-Mix
18. The Bay Vs. Diz (Strings Mix)
19. The End

Download it HERE.



If you know where to get these, please let me know.

Blue Noodles



"I'll wait."

"Too often today we forget to stop and breathe. We work late, set up meetings on weekends, double book and over-organise. We forget the simple pleasures that have been redefined as indulgences when they should be, by right, a part of any persons natural routine. So this week take some time to stop; read a paper, drink a bottle of wine, listen to some music and watch a movie."



I started the weekend off just right, with a ride.

On The Cramerotti

I took the Cramerotti out for an 18 mile loop around South San Jose on Friday morning. I usually only ride this bike on the track, so the gearing is set to 49x15. Being out of shape and on a track gear was not a good mix. Thankfully I had a nice play list on the iPod to keep me going.

After arriving to work I headed over to the other building to drop off a paper. Lucky for me, Sahar has just as big a sweet tooth as I do.

Mrs. Fields

We couldn't decide on candy or cookies, so we got both.

Later in the evening somehow I ended up at The Workout. I didn't plan on going out, but had a fun time regardless. It was good bumping into some friends, old and new. "Never order a cranberry and vodka around me!"


An 8 hour shift on Saturday sucked. Nothing a bottle of blueberry vodka and 2 PBR tall cans can't fix. JP and I pregamed then headed to Voodoo for the 1st Saturday party. As expected, it sure didn't disappoint.

Sunday was slow at work, so I cut out early to catch the big game. I wasn't much into the game, more so the commercials. I can't say I was too impressed with either, but the food and good company made for a great time. We had bacon wrapped grilled onion hot dogs, full moon, watermelon beer, hot wings from Wing Stop, chips, cookies, and endless sweets.

Super Bowl
Bacon and Grilled Onion Dog
Watermelon Beer

Thanks for having me over Mark and Jeff!

Despite the negatives that happened this weekend, it was still one to be remembered.




I'm not big on applications for my BlackBerry. I actually only use a few: Facebook, OpenBeak (Twitter), Google Maps, and B of A. That all changed today. A new app called Nimbuzz was released recently changing the whole way one communicates on a BB. Nimbuzz is the first application that combines every form of chat into one. I used mobile AIM, but didn't every think there would be a way to talk with people who are sitting at their home computers on Facebook, while I am on my phone. Now I can.


I spent the whole 5 hours at work today playing with this app, and also ScreenShot which allows you to to take a picture of your exact screen, like the one above. While using Nimbuzz I was having a hilarious conversation with Lily. At that time I was also playing with a magic 8 ball. I asked her if she wanted me to ask it a question on her behalf. I'll let you read the rest courtesy of ScreenShot.

Lily Chat

If you are on a BlackBerry be sure to check these applications out.


My good friends Jared and Megan are tying the knot. I am more than happy that they have found the person who they wish to spend the rest of their life with. I believe it was a Tuesday night ride the first SJF alleycat where Jared first laid eyes on Megan. From that day on I have seen nothing but pure happiness and joy from both of them. Congrats again on the engagement, I can't wait for the wedding!



He is probably the coolest cat ever. He was named after Chewbacca due to his moew as a kitten sounding like everything but a meow. Tonight he meowed... a true meow. I hear it from him only once every few months. Tonight he also chose to spoon with my foot rather than lay on my keyboard. Good thing for him, he now will get his 15 minutes of fame.

Chewy Sleeping



I awoke with a stiff neck and contemplated skipping my second day of class. I decided go and was surprised by the decent time I had at school. Phillip and I chatted about the girl who sits in front of us for the entire hour and fifteen minutes of Fundamentals of Operations Management. We were trying to guess why she was married? Who her husband was? Is she a cheerleader? Why can't we find information on her after a Google search? Why does she drink sugar free Monster? Is she really biting her nails? The best one yet was why is the guy next to us sleeping when he could just be staring at her? Super creeps but oh well, it passed the time.

After class I headed over to iMiNUSD where I was outbid on a frame on eBay. My max bid was $2,500. Someone in Japan is going to enjoy some classic Italian steel.

Mark treated me to La Vic's for making him an extra $400. Fair enough trade if I do say so myself. I'm addicted and know it. Upon entering I saw the rope was off the stair case. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was my chance to see what has been hiding up there for all these years.

Upstairs @ La Vic's

I would have liked to enjoy my meal up there, but we took the food back to the shop. Lucky for us, they met our demand for hella sauce.


After lunch the kids tarcked. Annamarie took some dope shots of Weenis and Jeff.


Now I'm home, bored after looking at pictures online for an hour. Here are two that I found worth posting.

Only In Photographs
I find this to be true.

Also, I'm a sucker for freckles.


Happy Monday.