I started the weekend off just right, with a ride.

On The Cramerotti

I took the Cramerotti out for an 18 mile loop around South San Jose on Friday morning. I usually only ride this bike on the track, so the gearing is set to 49x15. Being out of shape and on a track gear was not a good mix. Thankfully I had a nice play list on the iPod to keep me going.

After arriving to work I headed over to the other building to drop off a paper. Lucky for me, Sahar has just as big a sweet tooth as I do.

Mrs. Fields

We couldn't decide on candy or cookies, so we got both.

Later in the evening somehow I ended up at The Workout. I didn't plan on going out, but had a fun time regardless. It was good bumping into some friends, old and new. "Never order a cranberry and vodka around me!"


An 8 hour shift on Saturday sucked. Nothing a bottle of blueberry vodka and 2 PBR tall cans can't fix. JP and I pregamed then headed to Voodoo for the 1st Saturday party. As expected, it sure didn't disappoint.

Sunday was slow at work, so I cut out early to catch the big game. I wasn't much into the game, more so the commercials. I can't say I was too impressed with either, but the food and good company made for a great time. We had bacon wrapped grilled onion hot dogs, full moon, watermelon beer, hot wings from Wing Stop, chips, cookies, and endless sweets.

Super Bowl
Bacon and Grilled Onion Dog
Watermelon Beer

Thanks for having me over Mark and Jeff!

Despite the negatives that happened this weekend, it was still one to be remembered.

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