Annamarie was taking some shots of me one afternoon wearing the iMiNUSD ri-de shirt when a car was pulled over by a ton of cops on 3rd street. Assault rifles were drawn, and despite being in the line of fire, I knew we had to take advantage of the photo opportunity.

Thanks for making me look half decent Anna.
You sure are good with that camera of yours.


I was a witness to the mighty Mos Def.
Throughout the night he blessed us with not one, nor two,
but THREE exclusive tracks. Here are two of the three from my point of view.

Yes, you wish you were there.
Thanks again JP, shit was dope.



This is Mark

& Annamarie.

They run this sweet bike boutique called

Located at 112 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95112 is every track bike enthusiast dream shop. From carbon Gan Well Pro frames to a ton of goodies from EAI. Not only will you be able to find the parts you need, but I can guarantee you will be greeted with a smile and quality service from anyone in the shop. I am going to stop telling you about it now, but insist you check out the shop for yourself asap.



Sure it may look almost the same, but matthewdivita.blogspot.com feels like a new home to me. In my future posts, I am going to share with you exactly my life on a daily basis. Okay, not exactly, but close enough. Keep checking back, or if you have a Google account be sure follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (on the right), for the goods. Also on the right side, you can see that I added Google AdSense to my blog. Feel free to click them as many times as you would like. For those of you who also have it up, I will be sure to return the favor. Thanks!


Sesame. Do you ever wonder how ballers open wine bottles? Allow Mark to school you.

Open Sesame from Matthew Divita on Vimeo.



Update. This past week has been ridicilious. I'm not quite sure if I can remember half of what happened, but here is a rundown:

Saw Case In Theory play at the Blank, then hit up Tres for some beer pong.

Did Damage at Sabor.

Headed over to Mayfair for a skate session. Filmed Danny for a bit......dude is sooo good.

Danny Nguyen at Mayfair from Matthew Divita on Vimeo.

After work I headed downtown to hit up Motif with PLAIDTAS FORCE.

Man Jo bought a round, yea I know, we couldn't believe it either.

SJF held a Fall Swap which was pretty chill.

As you can see, I made out alright.
Photo by Andrew

JP and myself couldn't help but to go to Voodoo. Man oh man some time we had there.

I wish everyone had a great weekend, because I know I sure did!



My ass. Tonight at Hellyer Velodrome, racing was suppose to be "low key" instead I found myself in the A/B group getting worked by state and national champs. It was still a very fun night the track. I hit 35.8 MP/H, a high for me since I have had my computer on the bike. After the session was over, Mark Prado, Darin Wade, and myself decided to do Match Sprint race. Prado got out of his saddle, and that was it for me. Tim, who sandbagged his way to winning 2 or the 3 races, is commentating.

Hellyer Velodrome 10.20.09 from Matthew Divita on Vimeo.

Thanks Hellyer, I'm still sore.


Decisions. To go meet with SJF for the weekly Tuesday Night Ride, or head over to Hellyer Velodrome for some track racing. I'm a bit out of shape, so I have no idea how I will do on the track, but it sure fun even if you lose!



Weekend. I don't think I will go into detail on this one. I did however have some good times with good people.
It is all about the lower case t nowadays. Surround yourself with positivity.





Sleeping. This video is just so oddly good for me to put if off until the next day. Zona introduced me to Bats For Lashes today and I must say so far I'm really liking them.



Monday. Today started off pretty rough after receiving a mid-term back and getting only 10/40. I still managed to be in the top 1/2 of the class, some teacher huh? After finishing up with school and my Monday night "meetings" I called Andrew to swing by his place to pick up some shoes I left over. Next thing I know we scored 2 of the last few tickets to see Passion Pit at the Blank Club for just $10!!! It was well worth it.

Passion Pit - The Reeling LIVE from Matthew Divita on Vimeo.



I decided to snap a quick picture of what I would be rocking all day. It has been awhile since I wore them last, but they still are one of my favorites.

Shoes: Vans Syndicate Skate Hi (Ballistic Nylon)
Socks: Gap



Classy. Twas the theme for the custom Dan Wynn I picked up last week.

The saddle and post were borrowed from my concept, still looking for a nice one. Campy aero perhaps? If you were wondering, she rides like a dream.



My man JP hooked me up with this album by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban.

It is an amazing mix of The Noisettes and the man you love to hate, Kanye West. Rather than telling you more about it, you should really hear it for yourself. I usually share music with a selected few, but since there are only a few of you who read my blog, you can download it HERE.



That's right. A computer on my bike.

This bad boy is a wireless computer with 12 functions and a back light and is almost everything I could have asked for. Yes, almost everything. I do wish there was an option for cadence, but I'll get over it. For $40 off the retail price of $90, this great Knog product was a steal.

To keep the nerd theme going, my new socks.

Armani if you must.

I wanted to keep this somewhat of a secret, so here is another teaser.



I finally finished the Vegas video. It took way longer than expected, editing is fun, but the time consumption for a simple video is ridiculous. Sorry for putting you on blast Trisha, but you know it's all love.

Las Vegas Sept 22 - 26, 2009 from Matthew Divita on Vimeo.