It's been some hellofa past few days. I'll try and sum it up to the best of my memory.

The usual, work then Sabor.

I worked a few hours then headed to 300 for some bowling. Not only were we there to bowl, but also to celebrate Jen's Birthday. Sake, Henn, Svedca, and good company made for one wild game. Too bad I was too into it to snap any action shots.

2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-2
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-4

After the game we headed back to my place for a little after party.

2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-6
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-7
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-8
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-9
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-5

I awoke to a sardine like bed, said my goodbyes then went right back to sleep. I woke again at 12:11. The First Date race starts in just 49 minutes, and I am nowhere near ready. I put on the bibs and jersey, brush my teeth, chug a water, load the Cramerotti, and head downtown. I made it with a few minutes to spare. Just enough time to stretch and renegade a beer.

The First Date Alleycat
The First Date Alleycat 2
The First Date Alleycat 3
The First Date Alleycat 4

The race was about 27 miles with 5 checkpoints:
4th St. Bowl (4th & Gish)
Frozo's Frozen Yogurt (Lafayette & Franklin)
Century 21 Theater (Winchester near Santana Row)
Orchard Valley Coffee (dt campbell)
The Boiling Crab (Capital Exp. & Silver Creek)

I rode with Darin, Rex, Bill Tran, Greg, and Jim for most the race. Darin and I joined Team Out Of Shape, and I'm pretty sure I was the only member of Team I'm Still Drunk. If you couldn't figure it out already, I had a hard hour and thirty six minutes.

Towards the end of the race we decided to slow pace it. The funny thing is finishing 10th and 11th, myself and Darin were only 3 minutes behind Tim who finished 1st.

The First Date Alleycat 5

Congrats again on the win Tim. A huge thanks to Kevin, Mark, and everyone else who help make this a great alleycat.

A few hours at work, then John, JP, Jason and myself headed to Voodoo for Jason's B-Day. Sam outdid herself again by quenching our thirst all night long.

2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-10
2-14-2010 V-Day Weekend-11

Work was fun even though it is Valentine's Day. Helping girls pick out a scent for their husbands, boyfriends, and ex-boyfriends was quite entertaining. I spent this year without a Valentine. I'm not huge on the Hallmark holiday anyways. Why is there a set day of the year to say I love you or do something sweet for the ones you love? Bitter much? Ugh...maybe. Thankfully for me, John and JP were free tonight. We had a Taco Bell and Tecate dinner and now I'm sitting here blogging while watching Entourage. Quote of the night from the show, "it's not cheating if you don't fall in love with them. So don't fall in love with me."

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