I awoke with a stiff neck and contemplated skipping my second day of class. I decided go and was surprised by the decent time I had at school. Phillip and I chatted about the girl who sits in front of us for the entire hour and fifteen minutes of Fundamentals of Operations Management. We were trying to guess why she was married? Who her husband was? Is she a cheerleader? Why can't we find information on her after a Google search? Why does she drink sugar free Monster? Is she really biting her nails? The best one yet was why is the guy next to us sleeping when he could just be staring at her? Super creeps but oh well, it passed the time.

After class I headed over to iMiNUSD where I was outbid on a frame on eBay. My max bid was $2,500. Someone in Japan is going to enjoy some classic Italian steel.

Mark treated me to La Vic's for making him an extra $400. Fair enough trade if I do say so myself. I'm addicted and know it. Upon entering I saw the rope was off the stair case. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was my chance to see what has been hiding up there for all these years.

Upstairs @ La Vic's

I would have liked to enjoy my meal up there, but we took the food back to the shop. Lucky for us, they met our demand for hella sauce.


After lunch the kids tarcked. Annamarie took some dope shots of Weenis and Jeff.


Now I'm home, bored after looking at pictures online for an hour. Here are two that I found worth posting.

Only In Photographs
I find this to be true.

Also, I'm a sucker for freckles.


Happy Monday.

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