It has been awhile since I have actually blogged anything of major importance. Really what is important to me, may not be to you, so I guess it doesn't matter either way. I'll just tell you that life has been crazy lately. Good and bad crazy. The kind of crazy that drains you physically because you find yourself waking up blanket-less on a couch with just a few hours of sleep, only to drive home still slightly intoxicated, to get ready for an 8 hour day at work while not fully knowing what really happened last night. The kind of crazy that has you wishing you saw that one person who seems to matter, every single day. The kind of crazy that has you working two jobs because you think you have enough extra time in your life to do so, when you know the whole time that you really don't.
Would I take things any other way right now?




Rather than just dump a ton of pictures from last week on here, I'll leave you with a quote taken from an article JP posted.

"Gambling is at the heart
of every
worthwhile accomplishment
in life."

3.22.10 - 3.27.10



Today I sticker bombed the fairing. Pretty beast of me but whatever. I like it... for now.




I was itching to get back in the saddle today. Due to class and hanging out at the shop, it was dark by the time I got home. A night ride by myself was just what I needed. For some reason I felt like this the whole 15 miles or so.

I did not feel like I was actually on my bike tonight. I dont think even once I thought about the ride itself. I usually listen to music while riding to help clear my mind, or give me that extra burst of energy. Tonight was another story. The sounds of My American Heart kept me over-analyzing everything going on in my life as of now. It seemed like I could relate to every song. Not the best choice of albums for the ride. Take two tomorrow. "I think I'll take the long way home. I'll sit up straight, sit up straight... Straighten up and get out."


For me, it's a hard one. I need to be somewhat physically attracted to the girl. Looking right will only get your foot in the door with me though. Intelligence, or lack there of will decide whether or not the door opens more, or shuts right in your face. I also need to be able to hold a conversation with her. I read once that you will be happier if you cut the small talk, and talk about what's really important in life. I think that's why I like talking to you. Looks and intelligence are my two. What would you pick?



Not posting that's for sure. This week was nuts. Soo much going on, and the beautiful weather kept me off the computer for the most part. I'll try and fill you in with what I remember. Paint bike rack. Study. Class. St. Patty's Day. Green beer. Bike polo. Temple. Work at iMiNUSD. Work at Macy's. Sabor. New wheels day. Work at Macys. Froyo. Voodoo then Motif. Upstairs with you. One bite of my burrito. Falling asleep on the phone. Work at Macy's. Sharks lose again. Home. Relax. Blog.

Some pictures from the past few days.