After the craziest 3 days of my life. Las Vegas was a blast. Elwin, JP, and myself made it there at 11:30 PM on Tuesday night. We checked into our room.

Then got ready for the Stussy party held at their store.

I forgot to mention that the party was sponsored by Belvedere Vodka.....open bar! Ohhh and Camp Lo performed.

The next day we headed to Project, but not until Rihanna woke me and JP up, then we woke Elwin up by stacking everything we could find on top of him.

After the meetings at Project, we went to MGM to meet with Triumvir. They led us to the top floor to their 2 story sky loft.

The view was amazing.

We "relaxed" with Richard.

Then Ben made some drinks, and played some pool while me and JP ate all the chips, and drank a ton of Coronas. Sorry guys we owe ya.

Here is a video they put together:

Las Vegas from Joe Navran on Vimeo.

Keep an eye out for their new line......sooooo dope!

After getting ready, we headed back to the sky loft. Then we Jumped in a limo with the Franco Shade guys to XS for the Creative Reaction party.

P.Love hooked us up with some bottles for the night. Thanks!

Too much happened that night for me to document, but it was a great time, thats for sure.

Magic was the next day. We did a few meetings and chilled the rest of the afternoon. Meet up with Joe from House of Commons and some of the LV fixed guys for a little night ride.

After that, we drove to Old Vegas to hit up the Dim Mak party at Beauty Bar.

Colt 45s were free all night, so in true SJF style, we renegaded them!

JP and myself drank 108 ounces of beer in a few hours. I wouldn't recommend anyone doing that, but it sure made for an interesting time.

On our way back we stopped by HOC. The shop looks great guys!

I had the time of my life in Sin City. Thanks to everyone for the memories. Hope there are more to come.

It does feel good to be back in Cali though.



For Las Vegas! I somehow managed to scored a pass to the MAGIC Trade Show with the Azuki crew. JP is picking me up in a few hours. It is going to be a crazy trip.


Yesterday, while in Santa Rosa, I received a call from the seller of the supposed "fake craigslist ad" web lugged Makino track frame. I thought it was too good to be true. I sent an email a few days ago and heard nothing. The ad was still up so I supposed it was gone and he forgot to take it down. I was too busy to really talk to him during the Tour of California events so I decided that I would call him back the next morning. I called and it was still available. After speaking with the seller, Jovantae from MASH SF, everything seemed to check out just fine. I was going to wait to see it tomorrow, but had a feeling that if I waited, it would be long gone. I hopped in my car and rushed to the bank. The banks were closed today, but somehow I was able to pull out enough from the ATM. Next I was off to San Francisco. I came home with this beauty.

Happy late Valentine's Day to me.



The Tour of California ended in Santa Rosa today, so a few of the SJF members decided to partake in the events. A GoldSprints competition was being held, and even despite a ton of rain and super cold weather, it was a great time. The top four finalists were from San Jose. Maurice took 1st, with Tim not far behind in 2nd. I managed to place 4th overall.

Thanks for the fun day everyone!



I think it is safe to say that I will never attempt this. Wah-Wah was called out to do Iguana's famous BURRITOZILLA challenge. It took him 50 minutes...

...but he did it!



She's back!

Current set up:
Frame/Fork: 2006 Bianchi Pista Concept 57cm
Cranks/BB: Sugino 75 with 49T chain ring
Wheels/Hubs: H+Son laced to Pauls
Front Tire: Continental Ultra Sport
Rear Tire: Continental Gatorskin
Cog: EAI 17T
Seat Post: Thomson
Saddle: San Marco Rolls
Bars: Truvativ Hussefelt Risers
Stem: Deda
Grips: Hot Pink Ourys
Pedals/Straps: Cheap ass Wellgos with MKS Doulbes


Yesterday was amazing! We had a turn out of 135 racers and 230+ people to watch the start of the race. Thanks to everyone who helped put San Jose first AlleyCat together, you guys/girls did an awesome job! Here is My Route I went from HP, to SC, Comm Hill, Quyen, then to the Lab.

By the way I finished in 1 hour and 15 minutes in 3rd place!



On the first Tuesday of each month, a some of the SF museums are free to the general public so a few of us decided to ride around the city, enjoy some cool art, good food, and great weather.



Is so worth your money.

Even though I saw it for free, I would have payed the $10 charge.