I'm not big on applications for my BlackBerry. I actually only use a few: Facebook, OpenBeak (Twitter), Google Maps, and B of A. That all changed today. A new app called Nimbuzz was released recently changing the whole way one communicates on a BB. Nimbuzz is the first application that combines every form of chat into one. I used mobile AIM, but didn't every think there would be a way to talk with people who are sitting at their home computers on Facebook, while I am on my phone. Now I can.


I spent the whole 5 hours at work today playing with this app, and also ScreenShot which allows you to to take a picture of your exact screen, like the one above. While using Nimbuzz I was having a hilarious conversation with Lily. At that time I was also playing with a magic 8 ball. I asked her if she wanted me to ask it a question on her behalf. I'll let you read the rest courtesy of ScreenShot.

Lily Chat

If you are on a BlackBerry be sure to check these applications out.

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