It was another good Wednesday. I had a Quantitative Business Analysis test first thing in the morning which I feel pretty confident about. My next two classes were a blur because I kept thinking about 2:45 when I could finally eat. 4 in the net, pizza I get, thanks to the Sharks beating the Avs 5-0 at game 5. Rhoda and myself enjoyed the free pizza and $5 pitcher before our night classes.

After class, we headed to Palo Alto to catch a screening of Exit Through The Gift Shop. I was very impressed with the movie. I don't want to give any of it away, but if you have a chance, please go see it.

I skipped on the Thursday morning ride, sorry Jeff, to get in a few extra hours of sleep. Work at iMiNUSD was good. The MLS 15mm sockets for your U-lock are now available for purchase. This perfect tool will fit both Kryptonite Evo/Classic and also OnGuard Bulldog U-locks. I can't wait for the one with the allen wrench.

I left the shop early to make it to my other job early, so I could leave from there early to catch the Sharks game. It just so happened that Mark had extra tickets to the game. After twenty or so minutes of trying to decide whether or not to go, Rhoda and myself rushed downtown to watch the first game of round 2 against the Red Wings. I'm sure glad we went because it was such a good game. 3 goals in the first had the crowd louder than I have hear before. We ended up victorious with a final score of 4-3.

We celebrated the win and said our goodbyes to Reggie at the usual Thursday spot. Even though you are only going to be in SF, were gonna miss you Reggie.

Now it is Friday and after a long day at work I decided to stay home to rest/blog/eat, you know... everything I shouldn't be doing on a Friday night. I hope you all are having just as good of a week as I am. If not, you still have the weekend.



Last night I saw a picture of a banana case on SJF. I have always thought having one would be good, since I don't care much for bruised bananas and often put one in my bag before heading out for the day. I asked Rhoda if she knew where I could find one on the cheaps. She just so happened to have one laying around that didn't get much use. I will be sure to change that. Thanks again!



I'm not too sure how to describe these past few days. I do know for sure that they were ohh so fun.

Thursday morning started off with the usual pre-work ride with Jeff. We spent the next few hours building bikes, watching Anh scratch who knows how many dollars worth of scratchers, and searching for Sharks tickets on craigslist. We looked for 4 tickets, but I only happened to find a pair. I took Rhoda over Jeff, being that it was her first game ever and all (sorry Jeff). Being a Sharks fan for as long as I could remember, I had never been to a playoff game. This was the prefect time to go. Everyone who attended received "get loud" shirt, and I also managed to get a Sharks playoff shirt when Sharkie was launching them to the upper deck. We ended up beating the Avalanche 5-0 making it one hellofa game.

After the game we decided to meet up with the guys which was nothing but good times.

After work Friday, I to stay in to get the around the house stuff done.

Saturday I couldn't wait to get off work to catch Game 6 of the Sharks vs. Avalanche series. Mark, Anna, and Jeff were kind enough to have a few of us over with enough food and beer to go around. There were some scary moments in the game, but we ended up with a huge win to knock the Avs out of the playoffs. The beard is starting to get itchy, but it will be worth it when we bring the cup home.

Here are a few random pictures:

I filled up the 30 Gig tonight. FML.

This makes me really want a pbj, but its a dope piece. Two things individually good, but together.....great.



Even if it kills you.

I saw this video over on Jared's blog and couldn't help but to watch it a few times and share it with you. It is part of Film Independent's Project: Involve program, by Vanity Fair & Banana Republic. Very well done if I do say so my self. One line that stood out was:

"And love at first sight is oft dismissed as naive and unrealistic."



My day started off with some studying in the morning, then a short drive to downtown, and a wet ride to campus. My legs were soaked for a good hour. After class, 3 pancakes, 2 eggs sunny side up, sausage, a monte cristo, and great company sure made up for it. The food was sooo good I forgot to snap a picture. Just imagine the best breakfast / deep fried sandwich you have ever seen, and that's what I had for lunch.

I had a test for Business 130. Sure enough the chapter I knew the most on was hardly on the exam. I hope I did alright. In the usual Wednesday fashion, we headed off to do something. Tonight was Date Night.....the movie. We killed some time shopping since we were an hour early. I copped a new hat. I was well over due for one.

The movie itself was so so, but everything else was fun!
Thanks again :D

Going back into time a day, yesterday was 4/20. No I did not "relax" I did however catch MoGo's while they were still serving lunch right across from SJSU. If you don't know about, here is some info on them: "MoGo BBQ is a mobile food truck company serving up Korean-style BBQ in our taco truck serving the San Francisco Bay Area: San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, and more." I had only enough for 1 short rib taco, but luckily Andrew loaned me and extra buck for I could get 2. Don't worry Andrew, I know you haven't forgotten, and neither have I. Before I state my opinion, or believe the hype, I'm going to try a burrito, then report back to you on how I feel about MoGo's.

On monday I decided to tear apart the car. It was more for a piece of mind rather than actually needing to be repaired. The timing belt, water pump and few other parts were replaced with the help of Javi and the internet. It was much more of a mess than what you see here, trust me.

This week has been great so far, lets keep it going.



This weekend was pretty eventful. Thursday started off with the usual morning ride, work, work, then party.

Friday was the Gnarcotix movie premier at iMiNUSD. I had seen the video before, so I chilled in the back and watched the Sharks game streaming on a computer while 150+ people were packed inside the store. The bike pile outside was nuts!

After the shop was cleaned up, we watched Kick Ass. I was more than impressed with this movie. Expecting an hour and a half worth of crap, I received quality humor, action, and a whole bunch of other entertaining stuff.

Saturday was long. Work dragged. Voodoo was crack.

Today the Sharks disappointed millions.

I have a hundred or so random pictures on my desktop I need to start getting rid of or using. I'll leave you with this one.



Despite possibly failing a quantitative business analysis quiz first thing Wednesday morning, I had the rest of the day to look forward too. 2:45 took forever to come, but the wait was worth it.

Diving in circles in San Francisco looking for a place to eat led us Ike's.

Yes the sandwiches are really worth it. I had the manajatwa, she had nacho boy. What better than Sapporo, canned Red Stripe, and a beautiful view to enjoy the one of a kind lunch.

We wandered, then ended up in Japantown.

Might as well keep it going with a bottle of Jager.

Before we knew it, it was showtime!

Thanks for the best Wednesday ever.



Jeff and myself did our usual Tuesday morning ride before work at iMiNUSD. Today our wolf pack grew to 3, with the company of Tanner, who seemed to be in way better shape than both of us. We rode to Fowler Park, and tried to enjoy the view while catching our breath.

On the ride back to the shop, we passed 2 or 3 KFCs. Plastered all over was the picture of 2 pieces of chicken with cheese and bacon in between. This crazy contraption is called the Double Down. Some discribe it as a "artery clogger". I call it something I tried and will not have again.

It looks nothing like the ad. It was not horrible, but not great. I'll just call it alright. With a price point of $4.99 I wont be having another.
Don't believe the hype.



Jared sure knows what's up.

I must admit that I am always hungry, not only for food, but for knowledge.


I passed up an opportunity to travel to the big city with some friends, and this video from Kevin has got me kicking my self for not going. Looks like it was a dope trip!


I've been sick since Easter. Nothing major, just a stuffy/runny nose and mild cough, but it still sucks. The rain started up again today, but hopefully wont last for long. Let me try and fill you in with what happened this past week.

Easter the fam came over. I stuffed my face then passed out due to going out the night before. Had class on Monday. Tuesday started off right with a morning ride with Jeff before we start work at iMiNUSD. We did a short 20 miles or so to Santana and downtown Campbell. Wednesday I had class all day, but enjoyed catching a movie after. More so the company rather than the movie (Clash of the Titans) but go watch it... you may like it more than I did. Thursday Jeff and myself rode again, then I had work at both jobs. A night out was much need, but didn't quite go as one would have hoped. Friday worked then had dinner at JP's. Thanks again, the ribs were crack! Saturday was a TAS night out, but I think we need a round two soon. Slow Sunday at work, then home to do homework. Enough of the reading, here are the pictures for you.

Temper your optimism with a healthy dose of realism.