Well, busy might be an understatement. School has started, work doesn't stop, and I still need to make time with the friends / family to keep me sane. There has been a ton going on with me the past few weeks, but because I'm not too sure who reads this, I'll keep most of it to myself for the time being.

On another note, I was actually productive at the computer tonight.


I filed my taxes online with Turbo Tax. They do charge more than I had hoped to pay to get my taxes done, but I filed with them anyways due to the simplicity of their site, a guarantee to get the highest refund possible, and seeing my refund total and wanting it asap. I wish I could buy myself some toys with the money like a camera or new snowboard gear, but the right thing to do would be pay down my credit cards or car. Since my refund was a few thousand more than expected, I might just treat myself to a little something.

Hopefully Andrew keeps up with his posts at The Hobo Guidebook. They truly are motivational. I have actually been selling off items on eBay that I have bought months ago, but never used. It is crazy the amount of extra cash you can can earn by taking a few pictures and writing a description about things that are doing nothing but collecting dust.

We are also in February now, if you have yet to notice.
Make it great.

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