Rhoda sure did right treating me to the Sake San Jose event this past Thursday. Held in San Jose's historical Japantown, this annual Sake Fest was one I will be attending for years to come. For the small price of $40, you are give a map, a check list, and a wristband that allows you to sample Sake in 28 different locations all within a few blocks of each other. The best way to describe this event would be an alleycat on foot, where at each checkpoint you have want to drink as much Sake as possible in the shortest amount of time. Some booths had 2 or 3 kinds to try, and if you could sweet talk the workers, you could get second taste if one really tickled your fancy. The streets packed with wandering people, both old and young, but equally intoxicated. The vibe was great. I loved how Sake seemed to put everyone in a real feel good mood.

After sampling 40 or so different kinds of sake, we ate dinner at Hukilau. I batted my eyelashes at the waitress in order to convince her that for me, they really should serve me half sesame and half Pele style Hukilau Chicken. Despite the doubts from everyone at the table, I got my way, and had a great meal. Rhoda opted for Da Hawaiian Burrito which I woke up craving the next morning. I'll go back for one of my own the next time I'm in the area.
Thanks for the fun time everyone!


The rain hit on Tuesday which made for a pretty sad day. This all changed when I realized Dave and Busters was giving away free $10 cards. The Tuesday Night Ride also got switched moved to a night of games and drinks which made for a wild time.

We started with some drinks that go by the name Fuck Yo Couch.

One more and I probably would. This things were 90% alcohol.

Ryan and Andrew got down on virtual tennis.

Tanner has a crazy fast finger.

I suck at this game, but somehow Andrew managed to get the most tickets while jumping with one foot and falling to the left. Words can't really explain how he did it, but it was an amazing sight.

How Bird fit in here still puzzles us all.

Wednesday I was itching for a ride. A rlx session at Jim's led us to Chipolte. My carnitas burrito was pretty damn good, but Maurice needed two because he claims the size was sub par. After we were all fully satisfied, we did a short ride to Hellyer Velodrome to catch some of the races. Tim, Marc, and Cwiss were out there reppin for SJF. Scratch that, Marc was wearing his MASH jersey. Must have been the reason why dude straight yelled "F YOU" at him across the track as he got over taken and dropped by Marc in a Miss-N-Out race. He was pissssed.

I really need to get back on the track.



SJFixed is hosting the second installment of The Relationship Series Saturday, May 29th at 6PM. The start will be here at iMiNUSD, 112 Paseo De San Antonio, San Jose, California. Please take note: This will be a night race!! Although it isn’t mandatory, we will be providing raffle tickets to those who come prepared with helmets and adequate lights. So everyone has a chance at winning something just for racing safely.



I think I found my summer time shoe. Too bad this leather/perforated Era comes out late summer.



That's right. I am home from my last final and damn it feels good to not have to worry about school for a few months. I stopped by the DMV on my way home today and they actually took care of me for once. A call to Sacramento got things sorted out. I can legally drive people in my car now, and can drive to places other than work and school. Sweet talking the clerk must have helped because she waved my fees... score!

The weather out side isn't looking much like a week away from June. The rain is starting up here in San Jose, and snow is expected in the Sierras. Wake up mother nature, it isn't February anymore!

I don't really feel like telling you about the past week, so I will show you some pictures to make up for it.



I was up bright and early for the Thursday Morning Ride with Jeff, but it just so happened that Bike to Work Day was on the same day. We met up with a few SJFers at a little after 7 and headed out to some energizer stations. This year companies had to pay for just about everything they gave out so there was an abundance of coffee cake, fruit, and powerbars. I did manage to get some free swag on our 25 mile loop.

After a long day working both jobs, I met with JP and Andrew then headed over to 4th Street pizza for some pre-gaming. Kevin had set up a Thursday Night Social that consisted of a bunch of us singing the worst Lady Gaga cover you will ever hear. Good thing there is a video of it, so your eyes can burn at the same time as your ears. Great times at Bamboo 7.

Friday I was spoiled at work once again by Rhoda. I was too hungry to snap a picture of the great Thai food she brought me for lunch, but this amazing circular puff filled with chocolate stuff was dessert.
Thanks again :D

After I got off work, we attempted to watch The Hurt Locker, but Brass Monkeys made it too difficult to focus on the movie.

Saturday morning was the first annual Via Velo held by The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and the City of San José. San Fernando was closed off to traffic for what was sorta like a bike street fair. iMiNUSD, a few other bike shops, a few food joints, some charities, and other miscellaneous organizations had booths set up.

Some booths had great freebies, like finding out how fucked up your spine is.

Spin a wheel to win a bag when you really want a coupon for pizza.

Take a picture with real live Mormons on fixies.

Throw a bag of beans in a corn hole.

This guy came by our booth with a crazy set up. An electric bike that easily hits 40+ and a full on navigation mounted on his bars. I want one.

SJFD was also out there reppin for the Sharks.

Anna had a good idea for Sunday morning before the game, bottomless mimosas at Flames. This place was like a party with 80's music, great company, great food, and servers walking around with pitchers of mimosas making sure your glass is always full. Reggie, Ryan, JP, Rhoda, and myself had a few too much to drink on a Sunday before noon. I can't wait for everyone to come out next time.

We headed to Mark and Jeff's to catch the game, where we lost. I don't want to talk about it, but we will get um Tuesday I'm sure.

Work was a drag, but I came home to exactly what I was craving for dinner, spaghetti. My 1 hour nap turned into 5, so now I'm wide awake trying to remember anything else that happened over the past few days. I'm pretty sure I got the majority of it, but here are a few more random pictures.

Thanks for the memories.