Not too long ago, I had given up on my BlackBerry Strom. It was alright at first, but as time went by, I realized how much the phone sucked. Anh switched from his iPhone to the HTC Droid Incredible which made me take a closer look at the phone. After just a few minutes of reading reviews, I went ahead and placed my order. Sadly the phone was (and still is) currently back ordered a few weeks, so I had to patiently wait for it to show up. I took one last picture with the Storm and couldn't wait ship it off to some sucker who bought it on eBay for over $100!

The best thing about the Incredible is probably its speed. This phone is fast! No delay when loading web pages, or using Google Maps. There are also a ton of apps available in the marketplace. The camera on here is definitely something to mention. It has 8 megapixles, more than my digital camera. Here are some un-edited shots from the past few weeks with the phone.

The weekly WTF with Jared:

Bedsides the somewhat crappy battery life, I think this is a must have phone for any Verizon customer.


Keirin Cycles x DVS

It has been awhile since I have picked up any shoes other than black on black authentics. This all changed when I laid eyes on the Keirin Cycles and DVS colab.

Made with a ballistic nylon upper and rubber toe, I was sold. The shoes also feature a stiff sole that has been molded with a mesh material to decrease wear. This is the perfect everyday riding shoe, even despite the white sole. Keirin Cycles also sent out a pair of wayfarer glasses and a beer cozy.

If it is love at first sight for you too, good luck getting your hands on them. They are limited to just 25 Pairs.



Marcopolis found a trailer of a film by Lucas Brunelle and Benny Zenga called Line of Sight. In the video Lucas Brunelle travels the globe documenting alleycat races and every year he presents a new film at the BFF. This year for the tenth anniversary Lucas teams up with Benny Zenga to produce a film that takes it to another level.

Lucas is the undisputed master of documenting alleycats. From the vantage point of his custom helmet-cam his footage serves as insight into the best urban riders in the world in their natural element. Now Benny Zenga turns the camera back on Lucas Brunelle to bring a new dimension to this rare talent and 'international man of mystery'.

If you were watching closely enough, you would have seen me at 1:29 racing in Vegas. I would not recommend racing the night after a hard day of drinking without rest, or at least re-hydrating.

I'd love to see this film, can't wait until it's showing nearby.



I have been looking at the Mission Workshop bags since we got them in over at iMiNUSD and today, I finally picked one up. I had no real problem with my previous bag, a Chrome Pawn, but a friend was looking for the exact model I had, so I jumped on the opportunity to sell it. With a retail price of $220 these hand made in the U.S.A. bags are not cheap, but ditching the Chrome sure helped fund the Rambler.

My color of choice was black, but it turned out that the black was sold earlier in the day. That left me with the charcoal hiding in back, so I exchanged the charcoal for my preferred color. I'm not too sure if I will be able to use it to its full capacity just yet, but after a month or so of use I'll try and write up a little review.

I also picked up a new phone... an incredible one at that. Review / rant in the works.



Transport the 11 pounds of 18 carat solid gold FIFA World Cup Trophy in LV.

Too dope.



Yesterday was not only a holiday, but also Rhoda's Birthday. After work we headed off to the annual SJF Memorial Day BBQ. In the usual fashion, there was a ton of food, booze, and friends enjoying the beautiful weather at Williams ST park. Darin put together a dope video showcasing some of the shenanigans.

The weekly WTF with Jared.

Fatty, the dog, loves corn on the cob.

Happy B-Day!


I have been lusting for a new pair of denim. Your typical blue jeans wouldn't do it for me this time, they had to be black, and they had to be coated. Nudies Slim Jim Dry Black Coated jeans seemed to be exactly what I wanted, beside the heavy price tag. At $185 before tax, I decided to hold out until the shop got my size back in stock. While working last week, a package came in from Osloh that had some sample denim to check out. I tried on their Black Twill Track Jean and instantly fell in love. The skinny fit is matched with a low front waistband, and higher in the back making it great for preventing plumbers crack when riding. There is also an Internal poly sueded chamois seat lining, and quilted seat reinforcement. Seeing this was icing on the cake for me since I tend to blow out the crotch area of jeans after a few months of everyday use. The 11 ounces of premium stretch high ridge black twill is coated with water repellant resin and anti-bacterial finish.

I'll update after a month or so of use to let you know how they are holing up. Thanks for making near-perfect Jeans Osloh!