For the lack of updates lately. Life has been busy, somewhat hectic. Currently I'm fighting a cold, or the flu (knock on wood). Yesterday I felt like I was on my death bed with a 101.0 degree fever, and the chills. Due to the holiday season, my hours at work have doubled. I had a final last week, also two this morning. It feels good to be on winter break, but my free days are limited. Here is a recap of the weekend's events since I didn't have a free second to blog for the past few days.

On Thursday, JP, Andrew, Ryan, Hanna, Kina, Dan, Peri, and myself headed to Sabor. It was raining so the crowd was smaller than average, but we didn't let a little water stop us from a fun night.

Friday we mixed it up for a change. Still with good company, good drinks, and good food, but this time at the bowling alley. You can tell by the scores how often we bowl, but our skills, or lack there of, kept the laughs coming.

The night was far from over. Being Kina, she had to have her nacho fries, so we stopped at Iguana's before heading to Mark, Anna, Jeff, and Lillian's place. Karaoke was the form of entertainment, my singing is just like my bowling, far from good.

Saturday was the annual Azuki holiday dinner. A few days out of the week you can find me in the shop, usually doing nothing. I really appreciate how they don't mind me just sitting around bullshitting for hours at a time. JP was kind enough to take me as his date. The dinner was at LOFT in Downtown San Jose. In the usual fashion, we pre succcced with a bottle of wine at Mark's, followed by more wine, a bottle of henn, and goose at P.Love's. Over an hour late, we finally headed off to stuff our faces.

Open wine like a baller.

Socks & shoes.

I still feel like crap, but my fever has thankfully dropped. I guess you really can't burn the candle at both ends forever.

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