After riding for a few months, I realized I really needed a bag to carry tubes, water, a pump, and all the other little things cyclists may need on every ride. I decided to go for the standard messenger bag. It worked well short trips, and small loads, but didn't quite do it for me if I needed to carry a change of clothes, my laptop and textbooks. After about two years of putting up with shoulder pain and an over stuffed bag, I knew it was finally time to find myself a back pack.
Enter the Chrome Pawn.

This is the smallest of the 3 roll top bags currently offered by Chrome, measures out at 18” wide, 17” high, and 6” deep. I instantly fell in love with the Pawn after trying on my friend Joe's. I can carry my tools, water, laptop, books and a jacket, but if you try to stuff it with more, you may find yourself wishing you bought the next size up, the Ivan. It fits on my back lower than I was use to compared to with the messenger bag, but made it rather comfortable while riding. The durability of the this bag is amazing. The weatherproof 1,000 denier Cordura outer material easily holds up to all the elements. There is also no need to worry about your MacBook getting soaked in the rain, because the main pocket is fully waterproof. What if you are out on a ride, and there's no place to grab a cold PBR? No problem. Just add ice and your favorite hipster beer and you have yourself a damn good looking portable cooler. Handmade in the USA and guaranteed for life,there is no reason not to go with a Chrome bag.

Photo by: Annamarie Cabarloc

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  1. Hmm, this makes me want to do a review on my Ivan!