Today was a good day. It might not have started off exactly how I had wished, but it always works out somehow. I skipped my first class to work on the Colnago. Headed downtown for my one remaining, then helped Reggie and Trisha move some stuff into their new apartment. I can't wait for the day I can move my own things up a flight of 20 stairs....I imagine it will be a much better feeling. After we went to JP's for a bite to eat and a little Call of Duty.

It is still as fun as I remembered, even though I still suck.

I had a "class" from 6:00 to 8:00 then met up with Reggie, Trisha, Andrew, Weenis, JP, and Cacks. We all decided to go on an adventure to get the much needed toilet paper and other supplies for Reggie's new place. What we couldn't find at Target we got next door at Marshall's.

After the shopping, we drove out to what seemed like the end of Stevens Creek for some Froyo. Golden Spoon was the place, but not by choice. We had some bogo coupons, but they were accidentally left back at the apartment. Since the drive out there was soo long, I couldn't leave empty handed. Chocolate > Fruit tonight.

It wasn't 1/2 bad, but I think I'll stick to my other yogurt spots.

Next we headed back to Andrew's to watch a crazy TV show, Hoarders. If you have no idea about this show, please watch it, or read Andrew's review on his blog.

I'm finally home and pretty tired, time to hit the sheets to do it all again tomorrow.

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