Well not intentionally. It's hard not to find a bargain when working in a store for 5 days out of the week. On the day after Christmas cashmere sweaters were advertised for $39.99. All I wanted was a red one, but somehow I ended up with 8 ties, no sweater.


I had something to return, and a gift card to use so I ended up getting them for next to nothing.

Superdry Receipt

A total savings of $316.08 not including my discount! Such a deal indeed.

Today I went looking for a tuxedo jacket, and had the same luck as before. I didn't find quite what I was looking for, but I didn't leave empty handed. I had been eying this exclusive Superdry double black label stormbreaker, also know as a windbreaker, since we got it in 4 months ago. For a retail price of $150, I let it sit on the shelf. Lucky for me I found it on the 50% off rack today, and when I went to scan it, it came up for $45. Use your Macy's card and save an additional 15%, then my employee 20%, sure why not. Another piece of clothing I don't necessarily need added to the closet, but at least I got it for dirt cheap!

Ties Receipt

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