I woke up early to study, earlier than I had planed, thanks to all the cats and dogs falling from the sky. Lucky for me the weather let up right when I got to school. The 8 or so block ride from JP's to campus was rather relaxing with light sprinkles and the sun shining. I had a test in Quantitative Business Analysis that was ehh, but other than that class was pretty cool.

After my 3 classes I headed over to the shop, then to La Vic's for a carnitas burrito. Upon entering I noticed the keep out sign was off the stairs to the second floor. Downstairs was a college student infested taqueria, but up stairs was somewhat nicely decorated, and empty, besides myself and my good company. After eating we made a mad dash back to the shop where it seemed as if there was a party. Everyone was hiding out from the rain.

Sean came by to show off his new work.
Sean's I-D Tattoo
It's crazy to see JP's design printed on someone for LIFE! You're nuts Sean, but good shit.

I'm a week or so behind on Hyori Humpday, so here is one to make up for it.
Hyori 3-3-10

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