My new key shell came in today. For just $16 shipped from eBay, I couldn't pass up having a new key shell considering my current one was stuck open and had worn buttons. Flip keys are no fun if you can't open and close them 100 times a day.

New and Old Key 2

Upon tearing apart my original key fob, I saw that I could swap blades rather than having to get the new one cut at the stealership. This would have worked out great if I had the proper tools. I ended up using the tip of a dart to push the hallow pin out to free the uncut blade. With a heavy hand I pounded out the pin not noticing I was stretching the same piece of metal that was broken on my original key. Lucky for me, JB Weld was invented, a little around the old key in the new fob and hopefully it will hold up.

New and Old Key 2

The aftermarket shell doesn't feel as good as the OEM one. It has a cheaper plastic feel and is quite a bit lighter. For a savings of more than $150 if I would have gone to the dealership for a new key, I think it will work out just fine.