I woke up a few minutes early today in order to make sure I could eat a bowl of Raisin Brand Crunch. I heard that it is bad to start your day off without eating. Lucky for me, I enjoyed my cereal and continued on getting ready.

Starting at 10:30, I have three back to back classes. Business 190 was alright. I forgot my book, but the girl next to me was kind enough to share. During Business 140, Phillip was keeping me distracted while I was trying to study for a midterm. I was doing some work in the lab for Business 188, but my mind was thinking of nothing but food.

After 2:45 finally came, I met with Rhoda for some lunch. I hoped for Chinese food, but my favorite restaurant just happens to be closed from 3 to 5 everyday. I guess since Chinese food was out of the picture, why not pizza? I asked her is she had ever been to 4th Street, and to my amazement, she had not. Pizza it is! We walked the 6 or so blocks to the corner of 4th and Santa Clara. A small pizza, half BBQ chicken / half creamy garlic chicken, and two $1 pints was the perfect meal. I was stuffed after 3 slices.

4TH Street

After lunch we made our way down to the shop to study pretend to study/hangout. The rats and friends were outside tarcking, along with other usuals. Before I knew it, there was just 10 minutes before my night class.

I had a huge test at 6 for Business 130. I was nervous, and probably not well prepared, but I did much better than expected. After the test, JP and myself met up with the guys not playing polo (someone forgot a ball). It was freezing so we left early to watch the Gnarcotix video. That is right, it is finished and I saw it before you! Sean even shouted me out in the credits.....THANKS SEAN! I was really impressed with the video. It was filmed more in a skateboarding video style, not like the real artsy ones that have been dropping lately. Keep your eyes out for a premier in the San Jose area very soon.

Hump day is officially over, and it sure was a great one.
Sorry, I'll clean my mess.

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