The unexpected fork in the road.
Where do you go? Continue on the left, or verge over to the right to an unfamiliar path? Keep in mind this new path is not quite as predictable. What may be waiting for you ahead might be what you have always wanted needed. Then again, it may be what you have never expected. Who really knows? You may be perfectly fine with what you can see on the current path. Stay on the left, which is downward sloping, forcing you to the bottom. You turn around only to look up at the path you just traveled. Now where do you go from here?
Back at the fork, look over to the right. Simply because it is up hill does not necessarily mean it is more difficult. It is a path leading you to top. Climb upward until you can't go any further. Now take a look around. The air may be thin, but imagine the beautiful view. While there, you can take in a deep breath and truly realize everything looks better from above. In a situation like this, one must trust their gut.

Now to the right, or to the left?

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