My day started off with some studying in the morning, then a short drive to downtown, and a wet ride to campus. My legs were soaked for a good hour. After class, 3 pancakes, 2 eggs sunny side up, sausage, a monte cristo, and great company sure made up for it. The food was sooo good I forgot to snap a picture. Just imagine the best breakfast / deep fried sandwich you have ever seen, and that's what I had for lunch.

I had a test for Business 130. Sure enough the chapter I knew the most on was hardly on the exam. I hope I did alright. In the usual Wednesday fashion, we headed off to do something. Tonight was Date Night.....the movie. We killed some time shopping since we were an hour early. I copped a new hat. I was well over due for one.

The movie itself was so so, but everything else was fun!
Thanks again :D

Going back into time a day, yesterday was 4/20. No I did not "relax" I did however catch MoGo's while they were still serving lunch right across from SJSU. If you don't know about, here is some info on them: "MoGo BBQ is a mobile food truck company serving up Korean-style BBQ in our taco truck serving the San Francisco Bay Area: San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, and more." I had only enough for 1 short rib taco, but luckily Andrew loaned me and extra buck for I could get 2. Don't worry Andrew, I know you haven't forgotten, and neither have I. Before I state my opinion, or believe the hype, I'm going to try a burrito, then report back to you on how I feel about MoGo's.

On monday I decided to tear apart the car. It was more for a piece of mind rather than actually needing to be repaired. The timing belt, water pump and few other parts were replaced with the help of Javi and the internet. It was much more of a mess than what you see here, trust me.

This week has been great so far, lets keep it going.

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