I've been sick since Easter. Nothing major, just a stuffy/runny nose and mild cough, but it still sucks. The rain started up again today, but hopefully wont last for long. Let me try and fill you in with what happened this past week.

Easter the fam came over. I stuffed my face then passed out due to going out the night before. Had class on Monday. Tuesday started off right with a morning ride with Jeff before we start work at iMiNUSD. We did a short 20 miles or so to Santana and downtown Campbell. Wednesday I had class all day, but enjoyed catching a movie after. More so the company rather than the movie (Clash of the Titans) but go watch it... you may like it more than I did. Thursday Jeff and myself rode again, then I had work at both jobs. A night out was much need, but didn't quite go as one would have hoped. Friday worked then had dinner at JP's. Thanks again, the ribs were crack! Saturday was a TAS night out, but I think we need a round two soon. Slow Sunday at work, then home to do homework. Enough of the reading, here are the pictures for you.

Temper your optimism with a healthy dose of realism.

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