I'm not too sure how to describe these past few days. I do know for sure that they were ohh so fun.

Thursday morning started off with the usual pre-work ride with Jeff. We spent the next few hours building bikes, watching Anh scratch who knows how many dollars worth of scratchers, and searching for Sharks tickets on craigslist. We looked for 4 tickets, but I only happened to find a pair. I took Rhoda over Jeff, being that it was her first game ever and all (sorry Jeff). Being a Sharks fan for as long as I could remember, I had never been to a playoff game. This was the prefect time to go. Everyone who attended received "get loud" shirt, and I also managed to get a Sharks playoff shirt when Sharkie was launching them to the upper deck. We ended up beating the Avalanche 5-0 making it one hellofa game.

After the game we decided to meet up with the guys which was nothing but good times.

After work Friday, I to stay in to get the around the house stuff done.

Saturday I couldn't wait to get off work to catch Game 6 of the Sharks vs. Avalanche series. Mark, Anna, and Jeff were kind enough to have a few of us over with enough food and beer to go around. There were some scary moments in the game, but we ended up with a huge win to knock the Avs out of the playoffs. The beard is starting to get itchy, but it will be worth it when we bring the cup home.

Here are a few random pictures:

I filled up the 30 Gig tonight. FML.

This makes me really want a pbj, but its a dope piece. Two things individually good, but together.....great.

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