It was another good Wednesday. I had a Quantitative Business Analysis test first thing in the morning which I feel pretty confident about. My next two classes were a blur because I kept thinking about 2:45 when I could finally eat. 4 in the net, pizza I get, thanks to the Sharks beating the Avs 5-0 at game 5. Rhoda and myself enjoyed the free pizza and $5 pitcher before our night classes.

After class, we headed to Palo Alto to catch a screening of Exit Through The Gift Shop. I was very impressed with the movie. I don't want to give any of it away, but if you have a chance, please go see it.

I skipped on the Thursday morning ride, sorry Jeff, to get in a few extra hours of sleep. Work at iMiNUSD was good. The MLS 15mm sockets for your U-lock are now available for purchase. This perfect tool will fit both Kryptonite Evo/Classic and also OnGuard Bulldog U-locks. I can't wait for the one with the allen wrench.

I left the shop early to make it to my other job early, so I could leave from there early to catch the Sharks game. It just so happened that Mark had extra tickets to the game. After twenty or so minutes of trying to decide whether or not to go, Rhoda and myself rushed downtown to watch the first game of round 2 against the Red Wings. I'm sure glad we went because it was such a good game. 3 goals in the first had the crowd louder than I have hear before. We ended up victorious with a final score of 4-3.

We celebrated the win and said our goodbyes to Reggie at the usual Thursday spot. Even though you are only going to be in SF, were gonna miss you Reggie.

Now it is Friday and after a long day at work I decided to stay home to rest/blog/eat, you know... everything I shouldn't be doing on a Friday night. I hope you all are having just as good of a week as I am. If not, you still have the weekend.

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