This weekend was pretty eventful. Thursday started off with the usual morning ride, work, work, then party.

Friday was the Gnarcotix movie premier at iMiNUSD. I had seen the video before, so I chilled in the back and watched the Sharks game streaming on a computer while 150+ people were packed inside the store. The bike pile outside was nuts!

After the shop was cleaned up, we watched Kick Ass. I was more than impressed with this movie. Expecting an hour and a half worth of crap, I received quality humor, action, and a whole bunch of other entertaining stuff.

Saturday was long. Work dragged. Voodoo was crack.

Today the Sharks disappointed millions.

I have a hundred or so random pictures on my desktop I need to start getting rid of or using. I'll leave you with this one.

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  1. OMG THE SHARKS. WHAT A F*CKIN DUMBASSSS idiot!!! (the way I look in that first picture, but it could also be in reference to Dan Boyle as well)