I finally finished up my baby. The sparkly green 1993 Cannondale Track bike that has been boxed away for months in my garage. I was in L.A. with SJF when we hit a local swap meet. I happened to have my blue C'dale with me when an older gentleman started talking to me about my bike. We both were saying how we really loved everything about the older Cannondale Tracks. Then he asked if I would be interested in another. YES!!! He continues to say it is a 55cm and green. I think my heart stopped for a second. Rather that discussing a price, we just exchanged info and went on with our day. I received a call from him 2 days later, the day we were heading back to San Jose, and we planned to meet up. Back at the Encino Velodrome, I was blown away by the amazing condition of the frame. He told me his asking price, and I paid. No need to bargain for such a beauty. I took my time building it up to close to original condition minus the hoops and saddle. She is everything I could have ever hoped for in a bike.

1993 Cannondale Track

1993 Cannondale Track
Suntour Superbe Pro Cranks / Bottom Bracket / Hubs / Head Set
Hand Polished Deep V Rims
American Classic Seatpost
San Marco Rolls Saddle
Pearl 9 Stem
Nitto 123AA Bars
Wellgo Pedals / MKS Double Straps

Photo credit: Annamarie Cabarloc

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