Usually the tone of the HP Pavilion on any given sharks game. Tonight was another story.

I ended up with some tickets for the L.A. Kings vs Sharks game last night. Being that Linda had never been to a game before, I knew she would be the right person to take along with me. We started the night out with happy hour at Chevy's. One margarita wasn't quite enough, so we downed some Skyy Vodka personals and headed to the tank.

Pre Game

We had decent seats in the lower bowl and were both more than excited to be watching the game live.

Sharks Seats

The mood quickly changed as the Kings scored 3 goals in the last 5 minutes of the 1st period. At the intermission we thought to ourselves, "lets go grab a beer and we'll come back and get um in the 2nd." Things didn't quite work out as planned.

1-04-2010 Sharks Game-3

The Sharks went into the 3rd period down 5-0. Just 13 seconds into the 3rd, the Kings score again. 6-0 are you kidding me? Being on a hot streak with 8 straight wins, all teams are playing their hardest to beat the Sharks, but being down by so many points is unheard of. The Sharks were playing well, just not making the goals happen. Linda sat in "her lucky number 7" seat while I sat in seat number 8. Little did she know I should have sat in her seat the whole time. We switched seats then BAM! 2 goals by the Sharks. Being able to score more would be a miracle. It didn't happen.

So Sad

Rather than walking to the car, we hopped in a pedicab. This guy was nuts!

1-04-2010 Sharks Game-4
1-04-2010 Sharks Game-6

Off-roading and cutting off cars was how he earned his generous pay.

Mark and Anna were also at the game, and since my car was parked right by their place, we decided to stop by to say hello.

1-04-2010 Sharks Game-9

We enjoyed a glass of wine and green tea KitKats. I have been longing for the taste of this Japanese version of one of my favorite candy bars and lucky for me, Mark just happened to have some.

Green Tea KitKat
Green Tea KitKat

Despite the loss, I had a great time. Hopefully the next game I attend we will come out on top.

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