It started Wednesday with a random night out. Too much to drink, again. Despite this picture, I had a great time.

The Finger

Thursday night was spent at Sabor for Phillip's B-Day. It was great catching up with some old faces. I missed you guys.

Friday was Bike Party. Yes, I attended the drunken mess on two wheels that is a mobile party through the streets of San Jose. If you can't beat um, join um? With a turnout of around 1000 people, that I did. A bottle of wine, the Colnago, and good company made me remember that Bike Party can be fun.

Last night was more than just a party at Motif. It was a goodbye celebration for Theresa Tran. Everyone's favorite BFF is officially gone. Some of you may know that Theresa is my ex... ex-favorite! She replaced me awhile back, but I didn't take it to heart. I still like her just about the same as I did before. You will be greatly missed, but I hope you find whatever it was you went looking for in the O.C. See you soon ex!

I'll Miss You

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