I started a list of memories from 2009, but decided to delete them all. Last year was great, but twenty ten has been nothing but good for me. Rather than looking back in time, I am going to keep looking forward to a year of opportunity.

After some convincing, I talked my friends into attending Mass 2010, an event held at David's Restaurant in Santa Clara. Being the last day of the year, we did it up. A room at the Hilton, and alcohol galore got our night started at 6.

12-31-2009 NYE-2

Getting ready in one room with 12 people was reminiscent of previous Vegas trips. The guys sat around and watched TV as the girls put their faces on.

12-31-2009 NYE
12-31-2009 NYE-4
12-31-2009 NYE-3

We headed to the Party around 10 and were greeted the sounds of Philtered Soul. We headed directly to the photo booth before the craziness began. I left my camera at the hotel, so this is one of the few pictures I have from the party.

Alice, Linda, Me
Stolen from: Cindy Vy Nguyen

I was running around, shaking a leg on the two dance floors and next thing I knew... 10, 9, 8. As I heard the countdown I remembered that they say how you spend New Year's Eve is how you will spend the entire year. Good for me that as the clock hit 12:00:00 I was exactly how I wanted to be, extremely happy and with great company. I can't wait for the rest of the year.

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