After contemplating on whether it was worth my time totry to learn how to improve my pictures, I gave in and decided to download Adobe's Lightroom version 2.5.

Upon opening this rather expensive program, if you are unlucky enough to pay the retail price, I was quick to find that I had no idea how to do a single thing. Thanks to the internet, I was able to find a few hours worth of step by step tutorials on how to use Lightroom.

I watched and watched and watched, trying to remember exactly what did what. After 8 or so videos, I picked a picture and decided to go to work.

This is the original shot of my 1993 Cannondale Track Bike.

Using Lightroom, I turned that into this.

Some how the original still looks better, which means I still have no idea what I am doing. Back to the books, or tutorials have you, and hours of practicing that will probably have the same end result. Ahhhh I give up already......maybe.

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  1. nice edit. Lightroom can help do some really fun things. have fun with it, and keep posting pics!