JP did a great write up about the South Side Scramble alleycat that was yesterday, so to save some time, I'll just edit his.

TAS Force woke up late Saturday morning after a night of heavy relaxing. I JP walked out of my his room and found Matt me on on my his couch. Devon from SJFixed was throwing a race that afternoon in the South Side. We had no plans of racing since I JP was planning to be out of town for the fight, and Matt I had work scheduled. But in our last-minute attitude, we decided to hop on our saddles and race.

Rather than sprinting to our bikes like these guys,

we decided to take it easy.

That was the route and We rode with a good team. It consisted of Matt me, Andrew, Darin, Johnathan, Prado, and myself JP. Matt Myself and Johnathan knew the South Side very well so they we take all the credit for navigating. We did the route in this order: started at In and Out Burger, Nickel City, Capitol Movie Theaters, Hellyer Park, Los Paseos Park, Kaiser Hospital, and ending at Almaden Lake Park. In total, our route was about 25 miles in about an hour.

Along the way, Prado started to slip back because he wanted to pace himself. I JP don't didn't understand why since he is fast on the track and a strong rider. When we got to the third checkpoint, he was nowhere in sight. We decided to keep going and finish up since Matt I was in a rush for work. Our team kept a good pace and finished strong. We decided to finish as a team and share first place. With that, we swept the table of prizes and this is what I swooped on: a Chrome t-shirt, a Knog rear Skink, a tube a Rando, a House of Commons shirt, and an Urban Velo magazine. It was a nice, quick race and another TAS victory. Thanks for putting this on Devon! Oh, and there is a race on the 21st. So come out and fuck shit up!

Thanks for letting me steal your words JP, even without permission.
Love you. No aero.


  1. ha just saw this lass night. good shit boy. tas up!

  2. yeah good ride. tas up for saturday