It is his day of birth, so might as well tell you a little about my man Jared.

This is him and his steed at the Hellyer Velodrome.

Jared is a great friend, is a great actor, and takes great pictures. He is an all around great guy, need I say more. I don't see him as much as in the past. Must be due to our crazy schedules, possibly his girlfriend (hi Megan), but who could blame her. It seems as if the mood changes when Jared walks in the room. Even if the mood is good, with his presence everything seems better. Joke after joke I'm in constant laughter when we hang out. He makes things like sitting on a porch for hours at a time one of the best days I've had. I hope to have more of those days. Happy B-Day Jared, hope it is everything you could ever wish for, plus some.

Follow his blog here.

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