Many of my friends blog, so I decided to introduce you to them, one by one rather than having them all share one post. Since JP is snoring right in front of me I shall start with him.

Peep JP's blog here.
Photo by Annamarie Cabarloc

There is way too much to say about JP. He is my right hand man. It seems like some how we always get into some kind of trouble, but that is half the fun. Aside from being one hell of a wing man, an all around great guy, and the one who lets me crash on his couch weekly, JP Flores can also draw a thing or two. His designs awe me. Take a look at the dope iMiNUSD logo, shirts, and SJ Fixed fliers and you will know they have his Midas touch.

Keep an eye out for this guy, he is definitely doin damage daily.

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