I have been lusting for a new pair of denim. Your typical blue jeans wouldn't do it for me this time, they had to be black, and they had to be coated. Nudies Slim Jim Dry Black Coated jeans seemed to be exactly what I wanted, beside the heavy price tag. At $185 before tax, I decided to hold out until the shop got my size back in stock. While working last week, a package came in from Osloh that had some sample denim to check out. I tried on their Black Twill Track Jean and instantly fell in love. The skinny fit is matched with a low front waistband, and higher in the back making it great for preventing plumbers crack when riding. There is also an Internal poly sueded chamois seat lining, and quilted seat reinforcement. Seeing this was icing on the cake for me since I tend to blow out the crotch area of jeans after a few months of everyday use. The 11 ounces of premium stretch high ridge black twill is coated with water repellant resin and anti-bacterial finish.

I'll update after a month or so of use to let you know how they are holing up. Thanks for making near-perfect Jeans Osloh!

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