Rhoda sure did right treating me to the Sake San Jose event this past Thursday. Held in San Jose's historical Japantown, this annual Sake Fest was one I will be attending for years to come. For the small price of $40, you are give a map, a check list, and a wristband that allows you to sample Sake in 28 different locations all within a few blocks of each other. The best way to describe this event would be an alleycat on foot, where at each checkpoint you have want to drink as much Sake as possible in the shortest amount of time. Some booths had 2 or 3 kinds to try, and if you could sweet talk the workers, you could get second taste if one really tickled your fancy. The streets packed with wandering people, both old and young, but equally intoxicated. The vibe was great. I loved how Sake seemed to put everyone in a real feel good mood.

After sampling 40 or so different kinds of sake, we ate dinner at Hukilau. I batted my eyelashes at the waitress in order to convince her that for me, they really should serve me half sesame and half Pele style Hukilau Chicken. Despite the doubts from everyone at the table, I got my way, and had a great meal. Rhoda opted for Da Hawaiian Burrito which I woke up craving the next morning. I'll go back for one of my own the next time I'm in the area.
Thanks for the fun time everyone!

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