Marcopolis found a trailer of a film by Lucas Brunelle and Benny Zenga called Line of Sight. In the video Lucas Brunelle travels the globe documenting alleycat races and every year he presents a new film at the BFF. This year for the tenth anniversary Lucas teams up with Benny Zenga to produce a film that takes it to another level.

Lucas is the undisputed master of documenting alleycats. From the vantage point of his custom helmet-cam his footage serves as insight into the best urban riders in the world in their natural element. Now Benny Zenga turns the camera back on Lucas Brunelle to bring a new dimension to this rare talent and 'international man of mystery'.

If you were watching closely enough, you would have seen me at 1:29 racing in Vegas. I would not recommend racing the night after a hard day of drinking without rest, or at least re-hydrating.

I'd love to see this film, can't wait until it's showing nearby.

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