The rain hit on Tuesday which made for a pretty sad day. This all changed when I realized Dave and Busters was giving away free $10 cards. The Tuesday Night Ride also got switched moved to a night of games and drinks which made for a wild time.

We started with some drinks that go by the name Fuck Yo Couch.

One more and I probably would. This things were 90% alcohol.

Ryan and Andrew got down on virtual tennis.

Tanner has a crazy fast finger.

I suck at this game, but somehow Andrew managed to get the most tickets while jumping with one foot and falling to the left. Words can't really explain how he did it, but it was an amazing sight.

How Bird fit in here still puzzles us all.

Wednesday I was itching for a ride. A rlx session at Jim's led us to Chipolte. My carnitas burrito was pretty damn good, but Maurice needed two because he claims the size was sub par. After we were all fully satisfied, we did a short ride to Hellyer Velodrome to catch some of the races. Tim, Marc, and Cwiss were out there reppin for SJF. Scratch that, Marc was wearing his MASH jersey. Must have been the reason why dude straight yelled "F YOU" at him across the track as he got over taken and dropped by Marc in a Miss-N-Out race. He was pissssed.

I really need to get back on the track.

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