Yesterday, while in Santa Rosa, I received a call from the seller of the supposed "fake craigslist ad" web lugged Makino track frame. I thought it was too good to be true. I sent an email a few days ago and heard nothing. The ad was still up so I supposed it was gone and he forgot to take it down. I was too busy to really talk to him during the Tour of California events so I decided that I would call him back the next morning. I called and it was still available. After speaking with the seller, Jovantae from MASH SF, everything seemed to check out just fine. I was going to wait to see it tomorrow, but had a feeling that if I waited, it would be long gone. I hopped in my car and rushed to the bank. The banks were closed today, but somehow I was able to pull out enough from the ATM. Next I was off to San Francisco. I came home with this beauty.

Happy late Valentine's Day to me.

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