Yesterday was nuts!!!! I had the usual school, then work, but after I headed downtown for a Tarck Comp JP organized. There was a huge turnout with riders from all over the bay, with only a days notice. I'm not a trick guy at all, but watching some of the stuff being done made me wish I could do what they were doing. Time for me to practice?

Maurice danced for $1, but would have done it for free.

It was Thursday, so Dan and I held it down for TAS at Sabor. Turning down girls is the new picking up girls.

I headed to the shop after some La Vic's and chilled for a bit. I taught Alyssa how to ride a bike. I had my first true "proud parent" feeling while watching her ride by herself. I guess writing this on her arm was enough motivation for her.

On another note, happy Friday!

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